Buying the Flowers to Make Your Own Bouquet

A lot of people like to do their own DIY projects. This includes doing as much as they can for their special occasions with the big one being weddings. One of the favourite projects is making their own floral bouquets.

Buying the Items

There are many different styles and flowers that go into the wedding bouquets that the first step is developing a plan. This has to be done so that the purchases of what is needed can be done. Otherwise, it is going to get overwhelming with all the choices of flowers that will be available.

Dried or Real

Another big choice is whether the bouquet is going to be made from real flowers or dried. Using dried has its benefits, but some brides to feel that it is more traditional to go with the real. What they may do is make one of real flowers for carrying and one from artificial for tossing.

Types of flowers

With there being so many species to choose from the traditional roses and baby’s breath is not the most common one seen carried down the aisle anymore. Now a lot of brides are going with exotic floral bouquets like Tiger Lily.


Then there is the style to decide upon. Some brides want a round or oval and others want a cascading. Usually, the style of the dress helps to determine the style. If a Bridge is wearing a mermaid type dress she may also go with a cascading bouquet.


Then it’s the colour which means staying with the colour theme of the entire wedding.

After all these decisions have been made then the bouquet can be assembled according to the layout that the bride prefers. The nice thing about making it is that it can be assembled and re-assembled until it is exactly to the Brides liking. If it is fresh flowers it can only take so much handling.