Growing Flowers

Working with flowers for crafts is one type of hobby but growing them is another. The beauty of this is they can be grown almost anywhere.

Ground Growing

Anyone that visits Canada especially during the warm months will usually see almost every home has an outdoor flower garden. They usually start setting this up in the spring so everything will grow throughout the summer. The most work comes in the spring with the planting. Then throughout the summer months, the flowers must be fed and watered and the ground weeded. In the city areas, the gardens are usually quite small. But, in the rural and country areas, they can be huge. Some that have a lot of land will grow them to sell to the local shops.

There are choices between plants that only grow for the year and those that will rebloom year after year. Outdoor gardens often have a selection of both of these. That way only a few new flowers are planted on a seasonal basis each year. This helps to keep the cost down plus allows for the creation of different looks each year if that is a desire.

Container Growing

This is also a big choice especially for those who do not have any ground to work with. The flowers are seeded in containers then used for decorative purposes. They can be store-bought like this or anyone can buy the seeds separately and do their own planting. A lot of people like to get the colour started early in the spring so they prefer to buy the ones that have been started.

Sometimes flowers will be grown outdoors then brought in for the winter. This is another purpose that the container plants provide.

With so many choices for the use of flowers in Canada, it is a big industry that is enjoyed by those who work within it and those that support it.