Bouquets For Different Seasons

Anyone that is working with flowers in Canada wants to be aware of the different types that are applicable to the four seasons. The floral shops have to be aware of what flowers are best for each of these. So do any store that is going to be handling flowers and anyone that is working with them.

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are probably the most popular in Canada. There is an abundance of them that are native to the environment and some are easily grown in greenhouses. So fresh flowers become one of the biggest purchases. It is also the time when weddings are taking place so there is a big demand for them. What is available will depend on what region they are in Canada. Common spring flowers are Apple blossoms and Calla Lily.

Summer Flowers

These too, are in abundance in Canada. The flowers have to be more hardy to withstand the hot weather. Bird of Paradise and Carnations are favourites.

Fall Flowers

As the cooler weather begins to set in it can become a little more difficult to find a huge selection of flowers. However, there are many growers now that do grow all year round using modern technology and greenhouses. Or they will import. Yarrow and Roses are still popular for this season.


In certain parts of Canada there are some winter flowers that will continue to bloom with proper care but most of the focus is put on the evergreens.

The floral shops will all keep a good selection of seasonal flowers in stock to meet the needs of their customers. Most have developed sources for getting these. Then the alternative is using artificial flowers for some of their arrangements. Although this occurs more in the craft supply shops rather than the traditional floral shops.