Crafts with Flowers

There are so many things that can be done with flowers that they have become one of the most important products in the craft world.

Why Are Flowers A Good Choice?

There are a lot of reasons flowers are chosen to be used in so many craft projects.

  • Cost Factor: Usually craft supplies can be expensive. Flowers can often be used as fillers for different projects and normally they will be the artificial type. Although silk flowers can be more expensive there are lots of other types of materials that they are made of that are not. Real flowers are often used but this will be for a temporary craft item. However, if the item being made is a garden project then it can be used for fresh flowers on an ongoing basis.
  • Versatility: With there being so many types of flowers in a different size, shapes and colours that what can be done with them in a craft piece are almost endless. This allows crafters to be really unique with their projects. Two crafters can be working on the exact same project and with the use of the flowers, the two finished pieces can look completely different.
  • Mix and Match: Flowers are flexible and they work in nicely with other types of mediums being used in a craft project. They can be bent and placed in hard to get at places. They will often bond well to other surfaces.
  • Sales: Crafts made with flowers are usually big sellers and they can always be chosen for craft projects that are being created for different seasons. In Canada, it may not always be possible to get real flowers for a specific season without paying a lot of money, but the artificial versions are usually available.

These are all great reasons for thinking about getting into crafts and maybe even specializing in floral type arrangements.