How To Start a Floral Business

Canada is a great country for offering opportunities for new start-up businesses. While there are many different industries to choose from one that is a favourite of many is floral boutiques. With the different seasons that can be experienced here, they create both opportunities and challenges for growing different types of flowers.

Start Up Costs

As with starting any business, there is always a need for money to get started. Fortunately, with florals, it doesn’t require as much as what some other business would. A shop like this can start with a small establishment then grow as they become more known and their brand grows.

The Decisions

There is a lot of decisions that have to be made when starting this type of business. Which includes:

Space: Is there going to be a commercial location or are the flowers going to be grown on the property for sale? This makes a big difference in the amount of space that is needed as well as what will need to be bought.

The Hours of Operation: It has to be decided if it is going to be an all year round business or is it going to be seasonal. Even a seasonal business will have some overhead during the down months. Again this will depend on the location.

Staff: A business puts a lot of demands on the owner. If they are not going to hire staff then they are responsible for the shop during every opening hour. This can be restrictive.

Earnings: There are different ways that money can be gleaned from the business. The owner can draw a salary or leave the money in the business and build it as capital. It is always a good idea to leave a certain amount in the company to handle the expenses in the event of downtime.