Decorating the Home For the Home Wedding

It has become a trend to have home weddings in Canada. It serves a lot of great purposes to have it this way. But it also means decorating the home which usually means a bunch of floral arrangements.

Keeping the Cost Down

For those who are running a wedding on a budget they are going to want to keep the costs down. This can be easy to do by applying some do it yourself tactics. It means planning for the wedding then doing some frugal shopping.

Reusable Items

Planning for the décor means settling on some floral arrangements. To save money and get the most value for this type of purchase buying artificial floral arrangements is ideal. After the wedding, these can be used to enhance the décor of the house. When someone is taking some time out to enjoy some great games at all slots online casino they can do so in an area that is relaxing and pretty as a result of the floral arrangements still decorating the home.


Seating is going to be a big thing for the home wedding and there are many wedding rental companies that will provide a lot of big items. Again costs can be reduced by going with the basics and not getting too carried away with all the extras. For example to provide weather protection a wedding tent may be necessary. But, these can get really fancy and expensive now. Don’t get caught up in the excitement of the moment and forget about the practicality of the tent first. It needs to be just big enough to accommodate the wedding and provide enough space for comfortable seating.


It can often be less expensive to provide food for a home wedding compared to a served wedding. Either the food can be prepared by friends and family as a buffet or it can be catered.